Mommy the Iconoclast was born and mostly raised in Alberta, Canada. Her favourite childhood memories, however, were the yearly summer trips to British Columbia to visit her grandparents. Her teen years were full of the requisite angst, which followed her into university. Not knowing what she wanted to do with her life, she dropped out after two years to manage a restaurant. After a few years of this, however, she realized that there was more to life than she had previously thought.

She left Canada to work for Club Med in Mexico as a scuba instructor, where she met a fellow scuba instructor and got married. For the next several years they travelled throughout the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia, Mexico, French Polynesia. The marriage, unfortunately, did not survive the banality of the return to life in Canada and her desire to settle down and go back to school. When she was offered a job as a flight attendant in Vancouver, she took the opportunity.

Upon living her life long dream of moving to Vancouver, she worked as a flight attendant while completing her B.A. in child and youth care. She was the only student she knew who studied while on layovers in Europe. Upon graduating she promptly started working for the government as a child protection social worker.

After exceeding the average tenure of a government child protection worker (2 years) by two weeks, she moved to Ontario to pursue graduate studies. She completed her master’s of science in marriage and family therapy and did her thesis on adult adoptees who had reunited with their birth siblings, something she had done herself a few years previous. Upon graduating, she married a second time, and resigned herself to life in a small city in South Western Ontario, while trying not to pine for the west coast. She found work doing intensive trauma therapy for youth who were in custody and/or government care. Her dream to have a child of her own was thwarted by infertility. Her husband, once charming and generous, turned cold and hostile. Life was not going as she had planned.

The marriage ended abruptly within two weeks of her returning back to school, again, to complete a three year professional degree. She wondered how in the world she was going to cope and what in the world all of this meant. It is at that point in the story of Mommy the Iconoclast that this blog starts.

She tries to post a blog every few days, but life with a toddler gets in the way. Expect to see at least two posts per week, and on random days. Please feel free to leave comments or share how her story resonates with your own. Comments and stories are warmly welcomed.


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